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Roadside Attractions

Larger-Than-Life Roadside Attractions from our friends at Safeco in Portland and Salem, Oregon.
World’s Largest Tiffany Glass Dome, Chicago, Illinois
A road trip is a great way to turn a vacation into a themed-adventure. Running with the “world’s largest” theme, we found a few record-breakers on our road trips such as the world’s largest toilet and a notorious ball of twine, and we had a grand time doing it.

Ball of Twine, Cawker City, Kansas

Putting Cawker City on the map, the world’s largest ball of twine is right at home in this charming little Kansas community. Without an admission fee or tourist traps, road trippers visiting Cawker City for the annual Twine-a-Thon festival can help contribute to the ball’s circumference (or bring your own and add a bit on your own road trip).

Toilet, Columbus, Indiana

Housed in the Kids Commons Columbus Community Children’s Museum, in Columbus, Indiana, parents can take delight in flushing their kids down the world’s largest toilet. An odd gesture perhaps, but when you consider the toilet is part of the ExploraHouse exhibit designed to teach children about electricity, plumbing, insulation, and infrared technology. Traveling down a giant PVC pipe (aka slide), the toilet plays a flushing noise as you watch your kids take a ride on the porcelain express.

Rubix Cube, Knoxville, Tennessee

Located on the second floor of the Knoxville Convention and Exhibition Center, this Tennessee find makes a fun photo opp. Considered the world’s largest Rubix Cube, the cube rotates on a fixed pedestal and isn’t as interactive as the real-life game. If you make the trip in warmer months, make sure and visit the fantastic outdoor playground, play fountains, and amphitheater facilities at the adjacent World’s Fair Park.

Baseball Bat, Louisville, Kentucky

At six-stories tall the world’s largest baseball bat is housed at the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory. Another place to pose for a souvenir photo, visitors to the museum will want to take a factory tour to see how the game-sized bats are turned on a lathe in 30-seconds a pop. Laced with historical tidbits themed towards America’s favorite pastime, everyone leaves with a miniature souvenir baseball bat.

Tiffany Dome, Chicago, Illinois

Measured at 1,000 square feet and containing 30,000 pieces of glass, the world’s largest Tiffany Dome is housed in the Chicago Cultural Center in the heart of the Windy City. Beautiful and architecturally impressive, families visiting the dome can keep kids engaged by participating in the Chicago Cultural Center Treasure Hunt, a twelve part scavenger hunt through the building (prizes awarded at the information desk). And as long as you’re in town, make sure and visit the world-famous Millennium Park, a short walk or cab ride away.

Cherry Pie, Charlevoix, Michigan

Baked in 1976, the town of Charlevoix, Michigan rallied to bake a record-breaking cherry pie in at 17,420 pounds. Baked in a giant pan in an oven to hold the fruity dessert, the cherries were sourced from local cherry farmers.

What are some of the “World’s Largest” you’ve encountered on your road trip adventures?

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