Thank you, Veterans!

Sometimes I wonder how many of our customers are veterans or active military. When I look at the United States flag in our Salem office, I feel immense gratitude.

You see, my son-in-law carried this flag during a combat mission in Afghanistan. He was flying the plane Christmas day during operation ODIN. The military along with most branches of government love acronyms. ODIN stands for Observe, Detect, Identify and Neutralize. Christmas day, 2009 was a time when fighting was intense, and the use of landmines in roads was common and deadly.

Fixed wing aircraft such as the King Air 300, with special equipment was the most economical way to watch the bad guys. With their specialized equipment (my son-in-law refuses to talk about it, seems like it was classified!) they could fly high above the roads and observe and detect signs of recent digging or other activity. Once detected, an intensive team effort was put in place to identify and neutralize the IED, or improvised explosive device.

Can you imagine how many bombs were neutralized and US casualties were significantly reduced because of this?

For each and every veteran or active military reading this, I want to say Thank you. I would like to shake your hand next time we meet.

Bob Wix

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