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Insurance Rates Vary By State – How Does Your State Rank?

There’s a number of things that come into play when determining the rate you pay for auto insurance. For example, some carriers go as far as vetting who you live with so even your roommates can effect what kind of rate you’re getting. And then there’s states where insurance can be sky high or rock bottom. Check out the list put together by Forbes to see whether or not your state is hitting you hard. Insurance protection is something we take seriously so don’t skimp on necessary coverage to keep you safe–even if you’re from New Hampshire or Virginia – the two states that don’t require auto insurance.

In some cases the zip code where you live is what makes the premiums high. Fortunately some drivers can get assistance with covering their auto insurance rates through various programs. California is one of the best states for securing affordable car insurance. And for those of you about to wed – consider upping the wedding date to get hitched. It turns out that being married can actually lower your car insurance rates in some states and with some carriers. Drivers who are married are less likely to be reckless drivers and even aging can put you in a more responsible and less risky price bracket. But hang on – the rates tend to go up as you get older and presumably a riskier driver.

If your head is swimming, don’t worry. Our friendly agents at Wix can help you out and make sure the rate you are getting is right for you. Call us today at 503-760-6826!

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