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Our Team



Bob Wix
Proud father of three daughters, six-time grandfather and avid fisherman.

Bob is passionate about his faith, Young Life, clients, fishing, and hamburgers. Bob has been an active member of his church for more than two decades. Bob has a heart for kids. He is a big supporter of Young Life (YL) and enjoys working behind the scenes to ensure kids can go to YL camp at little or no cost.  Bob won’t share his favorite fishing hole location but he’ll be glad to swap information about good hamburger joints!



Kay McGuire
Mother of four, youth sports fanatic.


Kay is a people person. She loves interacting with her clients, hanging out with her family at home or cheering on her kids from the sidelines. More recently,she is enjoying the gorgeous Willamette Valley with all of its outdoor recreational activities.



Sean McGuire
Father of four and Sports maniac


GO MARINERS!! That is a common cheer you will hear throughout the McGuire household most summer evenings (unless they are at Safeco Field in person that is!) When Sean isn’t spending time with his clients, he is undoubtedly involved in athletics one way or another. He has had the privilege of coaching each of his four children in their sports and still volunteers his time by coaching Little League baseball and AAU basketball. Sean has also been involved in the local building industry as a member of the Central Washington Home Builders’ Association. If by chance he’s not at a sporting event in town or at a builder function, more than likely you’ll find him with his cap on backwards relaxing with his family.


Portland Team


Carrie Kieselhorst
Camper, Foodie, Runner, Owner of three dogs and Insurance Agent


Carrie is the Principle of Wix Insurance Agency’s Portland office. Outside of work Carrie is an avid camper and victory gardener. Cooking has been a major part of Carrie’s life for the past ten years. She is always trying some new recipe or introducing her friends to a new ethnicity.


Gabe Kieselhorst
Art nerd, Insurance Agent


Gabe is the marketing manager and general lines producer.


pogo 019

Ball pro.
LIKES: Carrie Kieselhorst, tennis balls.
DISLIKES: Everything else.



LIKES: Couch time, Kayaking, Game of Thrones (closely resembles Cersei Lannister)
DISLIKES: Ned Stark,



Pugilist. Power napper.
LIKES: Raw hide chewies, food (your food), Louie.
DISLIKES: spicy food, Steven Seagal movies, exercise.

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